Colin Frei
Portrait, Landscape, Industrial, Corporate, Reportage

Colin Frei


Über Colin Frei

Born in Singapore in 1988, Colin soon aspired to become an astronaut, kung-fu master, jet-pilot and professional hockey-player. But after moving into the snowy swiss alps he somehow ended up being a professional snowboarder and had the chance to travel the world – always searching for the best conditions at the most astounding sceneries. It was in between cliff jumps and mc twists where he found his passion for photography and pursued it ever since.

Besides personal art projects together with Christian Flepp (Flepp/Frei), Colin worked as an assistant to renowned swiss photographers, received his BA in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2018, and is free for commissions, ideas, projects and collaborations.

Colin lives and works in Zurich and Sursee, Switzerland.


Portrait, Landscape, Industrial, Corporate, Reportage
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