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Ikon AG

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

Currently we’re creating the first 3D CGI digital influencer for love to humanity and nature.

Her name is Leya and she will inspire people on social media for personal growth for us human oneself, the inner connection and love to nature and in some few cases with animals – and that through art with a deeper meaning – mostly on Instagram.

For her content we’re looking for 3D Designers, creating pictures and short video clips with her in a specific pose (3D), a specific look for both: somewhere real person looking in nature (2D and mixed reality) and that in an abstract, creative and deep way.

Ideas and specific requirements like her pose or the location and outfit would come from our side and then you’re free to create the way you love it too.

https://www.instagram.com/lilmiquela/?hl=de (sample project)
https://www.instagram.com/leyalovenature/?hl=de (test account)

Leya is an high quality CGI creation and is specific created for the 3D tool“Unreal Engine 4” but you can also use your own 3D Applications to create the pictures.

It would be awesome and creative and crazy and viral job for you because we have big goals to reach, worldwide.

We need minimal 5 Videos / 10 pictures per month?

We are looking for you to have you in our team freelance, so we send you more information’s about the project and first orders are urgently.

Qualifikation noch keine
Arbeitszeit Teilzeit
Einsatzort 8008 Zürich (nur Homeoffice)
Arbeitsbeginn 01.03.2020
Ikon AG

Ansprechpartner Bruno Stettler
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