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Transcription Services US

Transcription Services US


Transcription Services US, an international online agency, seeks well-qualified translators for providing excellent services to its customers. Professionals are required to be experts in their language and translate file formats accurately. Some of the responsibilities that a translating expert must handle are:

  • Ensure the translated version retains the tone and context, same as the original file.
  • Convert audios or videos precisely without the use of automated tools or software.
  • Give accurate translations within limited time frame for any file format.
  • Work with varied types of industries such as medical, legal, educational, immigrational, etc.
  • Read and research about the industry-specific contents and terminologies.
  • Proofread translated copy, to maintain quality in end results.
  • Cross-referencing materials and dictionaries for quality checks and edits, if required.

The agency supports 100+ languages and employs translators for multiple language combinations. Preference is given to candidates with additional skills as below:

  • Good organizational and interpersonal ability.
  • Basic time and stress management.
  • Excellent spoken communication.

Transcription Services US also expects candidates to be a useful resource for the organization and to the customers, through precise and high-quality translation

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