Model wanted for Projects in 2014

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Johannes Gérard

Gérard, Johannes


Project :
I am planning several projects in 2014 in the disciplines photo- video installations, Land Art projects and body painting where I like to use a female model.
What kind of model I am looking for in first place: Female model with Asian decent, but that is not a must. But must be willing to do nude shooting/ posing.
Age between 24 – 50. No piercing or tattoos. Beginners / newcomers are welcome. No further requirements about appearance
Other: It would be an advantage if the model also can handle a camera or is a photographer/ artist herself.
If you want to develop a own project and work in form of a cooperation that will be also fine
About myself and work:
Please take a look first at for references and to see what kind of work I am doing and if it suits you.
As I work myself as model from time to time, I know it’s hard work. But on the other side my budget is very limited. What I can offer is just a small honorarium, TFP or supporting and helping which each other on projects

Güli Zar

Zar, Güli


Ich würde mitmachen. Wo arbeitest Du?

Johannes Gérard

Gérard, Johannes


Hallo Güli Zar

Danke für dein Interesse. Ich arbeite in Berlin.

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