Digital Leadership AG
We are a boutique digital strategy-execution consulting firm.

Digital Leadership AG
  • Gründung 2012
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19
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Über Digital Leadership AG

Digital Leadership is a strategy-execution firm built on strong and innovative values. We support our customers in strategizing, building and securing their future through the creation of fully digitally enabled, and extraordinarily successful, products and businesses. Our agile, lean, fast-track business setup, coupled with access to an extensive pool of highly specialized and trusted resources, allows for ideating and building in an effective and meaningful way.Shared goals are the cornerstone of our customer approach. To date, our team has successfully led 74 projects with numerous global players across all industry sectors, ranging from $50,000 projects to $100 million programs. But helping our customers’ build their futures is not enough. We are committed to changing the world through the sharing of powerful innovation and transformation practices. Join the UNITE movement and help us start an innovation revolution.


We are a boutique digital strategy-execution consulting firm.
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