Tarek Noor
Ständig auf der Suche nach Motiven, die zunächst alltäglich erscheinen und doch von Hoffnung erzählen.

Tarek Noor


Über Tarek Noor

Tarek Noor is an accomplished professional photographer in a multifaceted field of activities. He is valued for his work and travels to various problematic conflict areas for many years, not just to capture different aspects of every day survival of the on-scene population but always with the intention to bridge the gap between people and matters through his work and his profound knowledge concerning special topics. In addition to his excellent linguistic proficiency, since he effectively rules German, English, Farsi and Dari.

Furthermore he has gained multifarious experiences through working along with international press in the field of photography, organisation and realisation. He also worked as a creative director and was
professionally accountable for the realisation of total concepts, individual recording, product design, in print processing (off-set), such as graphic design within a team. He is an expert in networking, demonstrating excellent photographic instincts, expertise and presentation skills.

His knowledge, combined with a deep empathic understanding for people, projects, orders and set aims
under tight deadlines, as his artisan competences with computer programs, such as Windows,
Photoshop and the internet. These facts make him an all-round endowment who is, not just through his skills and knowledge, but also his personality, an enrichment for all clients, employers and partners.


Ständig auf der Suche nach Motiven, die zunächst alltäglich erscheinen und doch von Hoffnung erzählen.
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