Mark Herrera
Art Direktor, Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer


Über Mark Herrera

With more than a decade of worldwide progressive experience in concept and design (Asia, North America and Europe), I have served several clients to meet their needs, applying integrated marketing and communication strategies, namely: Advertising, Brand Design, Corporate Design, Direct Marketing, Packaging Design and New Media. I have exhibited my expertise to a broad base of international clients, such as, Boeringer and Mannheim, Heineken, Fromalp, Hänseler, NetJets, Toyota, Renault-Nissan Suisse, Volvo Automobiles Suisse, Swiss Life, Swisscom, Swisscom Mobile, and pharmaceutical giants Novartis and Roche, plus the world-renowned Murad skin care company based in Los Angeles.

I have proven my competence in the fields of Direct Marketing, Brand, Packaging and Corporate Designs, to wit, most of my projects have been given recognitions and awards in prestigious award-giving bodies. My project for Bügel Bräu Beer bottle and glass designs for Heineken-Eichhof was given a Red-dot Design Award, as well as a nomination for a German Design Award from the German Design Council. In addition, several Direct Marketing projects have been given awards as well, namely, 2 Cannes Lions and 9 awards from the Schweizer Direktmarketing Verband, 1 nomination from DMA (U.S.A.), and 1 <Publikums Award> Swiss Marketing Trophy.


Art Direktor, Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer
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